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The team at Efficient Group delivers a comprehensive value proposition in financial services, with complementing units focusing on all aspects of financial planning, asset management, asset administration, specialist financial service offerings and economic research.

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Where Does Efficient Wealth Fit In?

Towards the end of 2013 Efficient Wealth, formerly Verso Investment Services, did a transaction with the Efficient Group. This was due in part to Efficient’s need to grow its specialist financial advisory business. Efficient Wealth now has access to all of the financial resources currently at the disposal of the Efficient Group. This means that we are not only in a better position to serve our clients numbering over 5000 (with R7,1bn of assets under advice) in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape, but also serve clients in other regions.

Want to know more about Efficient Wealth? Then please go to our About Efficient Wealth page.

Learn More About The Efficient Group

The Efficient Group is an integrated JSE-listed financial services company offering a comprehensive value proposition in financial services to private clients, institutional investors and financial advisers.

Since starting out in 1999 as primarily an asset management company with administrative supporting services, the company has followed a sustainable growth plan incorporating strategy, knowledge, innovation and sound business practices to evolve and progress into a multi-faceted financial solutions provider.

In 2014, Efficient Invest expanded by including Boutique Collective Investments, which administers in excess of R40 billions worth of assets and is responsible for administration and management of collective investment schemes, and Boutique Investment Partners, which specialises in investment consulting and multi-management.

Our product offering:

  • Financial Planning – Efficient Advise and Efficient Wealth
  • Asset Management – Efficient Select
  • Collective Investment Scheme – Efficient Invest
  • Investment Consulting – Efficient Invest
  • Strategic investments – Efficient Capital