An Overview of all Financial Services Offered by Efficient Wealth

Thanks to our close working relationship with both our clients and other leading specialised financial service providers in South Africa, we are able to provide a wide range of personalised investment services that include:

Verso Investment Services Overview

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From advising on, to executing your Financial requirements, the team at Efficient Wealth is here to help ensure that your financial worries are a thing of the past. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to help our clients attain a financial well-being that is far above the South African norm, that we offer all prospective clients a no obligation Complimentary Financial Needs Analysis. This will not only allow us to show you how we can best help you, but will also allow us to ensure that if you do decide to become a Efficient Wealth client, we can start personalising your financial growth from the very beginning.

Want to know more about our Personalised Investment Services? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us at one of our offices in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Retirement Planning
When you stop working, your money still needs to continue to work for you! Thanks to our Personalised Retirement Plans we can ensure that your golden years are spent living a lifestyle that is comfortable.

Wealth Management
As your financial partner, we protect and grow your assets from the very first moment that we become responsible for your financial well-being.

Short Term Insurance
When the unexpected suddenly happens, your earthly interests are securely protected by our safe and sound comprehensive insurance offering.

Long Term Insurance
When planning ahead you need to be prepared for anything from death, severe illness to living with a disability. We offer cover for each client.

Medical Aid
Your health and medical needs are as unique as you. We offer a selection of plans and cover for those known and unforeseen health challenges that may affect you.

Estate Planning
Leave behind your life’s legacy of sound investments for the next generation to continue on their journey to financial freedom.

Fiduciary Services
We safeguard your interests by managing your Trust Fund on your behalf.

Drafting of Wills
The wealth you leave behind, at the time of death, and to whom you leave it is a major consideration in anybody’s life. Because of our trained legal team, we can assist you on drafting a practical and tax efficient will in a way that is beneficial to those you leave behind.